Almond Cake With Orange Flower Water Syrup

It was my birthday at the weekend, 31 gulp! So of course a birthday cake was on the menu. I knew exactly what sort of cake it would be, an almond cake. I love anything almond flavour its right up my street. So if your a lover of  almondy goodness  in moist cake form this is definitely for you. This cake also combines another favorite of mine, drizzle cake but not lemon this time I used orange and I made a syrup from Orange Flower water.

Orange flower water has quite a bitter taste, it’s distilled from the orange blossoms. It’s an ingredient used mainly in Middle Eastern cooking and is along the same lines as rose water. With sugar added it makes a delicious syrup. You might be able to find orange flower water in big supermarkets but if you live near an ethnic food store such as Indian or Middle Eastern you should find some there.   
This recipe is based on my boyfriends baking rule which usually works out great, weigh your eggs and use the same amount of other ingredients, for example we used 4 eggs which weighed 195g (not in the shells) so then use 195g sugar, butter and flour. I used half flour and half ground almonds.
This was a really beautiful, moist cake such a lovely birthday treat which lasted a good few days. I think I had a slice every night for about 5 days!

Almond Cake With Orange Flower Water Syrup                                       Print Recipe
Takes 10 mins prep and 40 mins cooking time

195g Caster sugar
195g Butter
Zest of 1 Orange
4 Eggs 
98g Plain flour
98g Ground almonds
1 Heaped teaspoon baking powder
Flaked almonds

For the syrup
Juice of 1 Orange
2 Caps of Orange flower water
50g Sugar

Put the oven on a medium heat. Grease and line a deep cake tin.
In a bowl add the sugar and butter, cream together until fluffy then gradually add the eggs, mix well. Add the orange zest.
Now add the dry ingredients the flour, ground almonds and baking powder, mix well.
Pour mixture into the cake tin and bake for approx 40 mins until golden and a knife comes out clean.
Whilst the cake is cooking make the syrup. In a small pan add the sugar, orange juice and orange flower water and heat until sugar dissolves and syrup thickens but you can still pour it. 
Gently toast some flaked almonds in a dry frying pan until golden.
When the cake is done prick all over with a fork and pour over the syrup, sprinkle the flaked almonds all over the top they should stick tho the syrup. Leave to cool  or have warm its great both ways and is lovely with some thick creme fraiche.

Just a quick side note what do you think of my lovey flowers that Jamie got me I think there so pretty I love flowers like this, but I don’t actually know what there called?  I think Peonies might be my favorite though.